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Disease and beetles threaten thousands of acres at Bogus Basin


A one-two punch of dwarf mistletoe disease and bark beetles have threatened thousands of acres of trees in the Boise National Forest.

Every year, dwarf mistletoe and bark beetles attack trees at Bogus Basin from the ground up. 

"Typically they'll kill three to 10 trees at a time," said Stephaney Kerley with the Forest Service. "What we're seeing right now is bark beetles are killing pockets of 50 to 100 trees at a time."

It's an epidemic that will change the face of Bogus Basin forever.

"It won't be the same at all," said Kerley. "During the summer months people come up from the Valley to escape the heat - and if you're up here riding your mountain bike and there isn't a forest up here, it isn't going to be the same experience at all." 

Over time, the disease will weaken the tree, welcoming bark beetles.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016