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The Holden Arboretum and Cleveland Botanical Garden Explore Unification

CLEVELAND, Ohio, June 27, 2014 — Leaders of Cleveland Botanical Garden and The

Holden Arboretum are moving to combine their institutions into one entity with the

shared mission of improving the world through plants and trees. Such integration

would enable these two treasured public gardens to have even greater impact

through environmental education, applied botanical research and joint efforts

to promote trees, gardens and forests for the betterment of the communities of

Northeast Ohio and beyond.

"We envision our community better served by a pooling of our organizational

strengths and resources," says Natalie Ronayne, President of Cleveland Botanical

Garden in Cleveland's University Circle cultural district. "By leveraging each other's

strengths, we can create the scale necessary to become a regional and national leader

in environmental stewardship and sustainable practices for community health

Combining the Botanical Garden and Holden would create the 13th largest public

garden in the country, providing the new institution with a greater ability to raise

funds, attract top talent and most effectively serve its members, visitors and the

larger community. Such an integration of an urban botanical garden with an exurban

arboretum of equal organizational sizes is unprecedented.

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Friday, July 11, 2014