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How botanic gardens are using art

How are botanic gardens using art to engage with their audiences?

All forms of art, from sculpture to music, have to power to communicate with people on an emotional and intellectual level. The next issue of Roots(BGCI) will discuss how botanic gardens are using art and working with artists to explore cultural and environmental topics and to communicate their scientific research to the public. If you know of any examples of any innovative uses of community, decorative, ethnographic or fine art in botanic gardens around the world (from America to Europe and from Africa to Asia and Australia) they would love to hear about it. Please email

BGCI is interested in exploring the many ways botanic gardens can make effective use of art for example, art projects with schools, promoting plant science and conservation through art, using installations and exhibitions in the gardens or having artists in residence creating pieces or working with the community. They are looking at innovative approaches to these themes, which have been implemented in the last 5 years.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014