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Hunt for Trolls at new Morton Arboretum exhibit


By Jen Banowetz – Naperville Sun

Yep, those must be giants.

The Troll Hunt will begin June 22 when The Morton Arboretum’s latest outdoor art exhibit officially opens at the 1,700-acre facility in Lisle.

“Six colossal, 15- to 20-foot-tall trolls made solely of recycled wood will be emerging from our woods, where visitors can find them,” said Sarah Sargent, the arboretum’s manager of interpretation and exhibits. “Created from scavenged and recycled wood, the trolls are guardians of the woods and forests, each uniquely inspired by its place at the arboretum.”

The sculptures are the work of Danish artist Thomas Dambo, who created the Forgotten Giants exhibition in his native Copenhagen.

“The trolls will amaze visitors of all ages, while drawing attention to how humans can better care for trees and our environment,” Sargent said. “The theme of Troll Hunt is that trees have value for us all. The trolls care for trees, and we need to care for trees, too.”

Human visitors should watch out for these forest giants.

“As visitors hunt for trolls during a visit to the arboretum, they may find the trolls are hunting them as well,” she said. “The emergence of trolls reminds us that nature is larger than us — and if we do not take care of nature, it will not take care of us.”

Friday, June 1, 2018