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Major £15 million gift to the University of Birmingham enables creation of Forest Research Institute

A new Institute for Forest Research will be established by the University of Birmingham in the UK to study the impact of climate and environmental change on woodlands, and the resilience of trees to pests and diseases, thanks to a transformational gift of £15 million.

The gift of £15 million, which has been donated by former academic and alumnus, Professor Jo Bradwell and his wife Barbara, is one of the largest gifts to a UK university, and will enable the University of Birmingham to establish a unique, world leading centre and to be bold and ambitious in its research intentions to understand how forests react to the combined threats of climate change and invasive pests and diseases.

In addition to on-campus laboratories, it is the intention that the Institute will comprise ground-breaking field facilities, enabling scientists to take measurements from deep within the soil to above the tree canopy. Autonomous sensors and instrumented trees will allow scientists to take measurements continuously and remotely, over timescales ranging from seconds to decades.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013