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ArbNet 10th Anniversary Virtual Conference - 2021

ArbNet celebrated its 10-year anniversary on Arbor Day, 2021. To commemorate this milestone, The Morton Arboretum hosted a virtual conference that recognized the valuable tree collections and unique expertise of arboreta. The three-day ArbNet 10th Anniversary Virtual Conference: Partnering to Plant & Protect Trees was an opportunity for ArbNet’s community of arboreta and tree-focused professionals to engage with and learn from each other, celebrate institutional and programmatic achievements, and understand how ArbNet can be a resource for their growth.

Thank you to all of our participants, sponsors, and speakers who supported ArbNet’s 10th Anniversary Conference! It was a resounding success. This conference was convened as a celebration of 10 years of collaboration through ArbNet and it emphasized the expertise, innovation, and connectedness of our global community of tree-focused institutions. 

We are happy to announce that we are now sharing the session videos for your free viewing. To access the library of videos please click here or on one of the links below.

Forty-seven professionals, representing the depth and breadth of the industry, shared their experiences and expertise. Every session, which included Education & Outreach,  Community Forestry and Engagement, Curation and Management, Developing and Managing Trees in a Changing World, Tree Conservation, Research, and Climate Change, and Restoration: Managing Natural Areas and In situ Conservation, was attended by at least 100 participants. There were also five thematic workshops that involved stimulating discussion and networking: Cemeteries as Arboreta, Keeping Track, The Ins & Outs of Plant Records, Conversations about Careers in Tree-Focused Fields and Central America Arboreta. With over 300 registrants from 22 countries, the virtual platform was a great way to engage the global community more effectively, as we were able to include attendees from all around the world that may not have been able to attend in person.