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IUCN Species Survival Commission acknowledges vital contributions of Botanic Gardens, Aquariums, and Zoos to wildlife conservation

Through a Position Statement released today, the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) proudly recognizes and applauds the significant contributions made by botanic gardens, aquariums, and zoos in their critical mission of conserving wild animals, fungi, and plants.

In an era where the conservation landscape is evolving, SSC acknowledges the pivotal role that these institutions play at the crossroads of ex situ and in situ conservation efforts. The diverse contributions span a spectrum of activities, including applied genetic, behavioural, and veterinary science, wildlife reintroduction and translocation, research, education, community engagement, policy development, and fostering access to nature-based experiences.

The IUCN SSC Position Statement on the role of Botanic Gardens, Aquariums and Zoos is the result of an extensive, collaborative process marked by iterative refinement and distributed public consultation. Led by Kris Vehrs, former Executive Director of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA); Kira Mileham, SSC Director of Strategic Partnerships; Mayerlin Ramos, SSC Partnerships and Grants Coordinator; and Jon Paul Rodríguez, SSC Chair, the formulation of this statement involved dedicated working groups comprising experts from various sectors across the field of species conservation.

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Thursday, October 12, 2023