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The Morton Arboretum tree root scientist recognized as top-cited researcher


First Arboretum expert on Clarivate’s esteemed annual list of ‘Highly Cited Researchers’

The Morton Arboretum Tree Root Biologist Luke McCormack, Ph.D., has been recognized as one of the most cited and influential researchers worldwide by global information services provider Clarivate’s esteemed 2023 list of “Highly Cited Researchers.” 

The list includes influential researchers at universities, research institutes and commercial organizations around the world who have demonstrated significant and broad influence in their field(s) of research. McCormack is the first Arboretum staff member ever to be included. He leads the Arboretum's Root Biology Lab. Learning more about roots and their underground activities, which are not well understood, will greatly enhance the appreciation and management of trees, McCormack noted.

“It is a great accomplishment for tree root science to reach this level of impact, thanks to Luke’s steadfast work,” said the Arboretum’s Center for Tree Science Director Chuck Cannon, Ph.D. “Luke has been a leader in defining, recognizing and incorporating root dynamics, particularly fine roots, into broader ecological and ecosystem research. His numerous published articles with students and colleagues continue to fill in gaps in our knowledge about roots.”

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Friday, December 8, 2023