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The Arboretum at John Carroll University

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The Arboretum at John Carroll University


John Carroll University is a Jesuit, Catholic University founded in 1886 in Cleveland, OH and is one of 27 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States.  The University encompasses 60 acres of land in University Heights, OH and has been a USA Tree Campus for the past four years.  The Arboretum at John Carroll University expands the entire campus and consists of over 1100 trees and 100 species, themed gardens, pollinator habitats, and reflection spaces.  A sample of each tree species is marked and detailed using the Plants Map QR identification system.

The Arboretum is an outdoor teaching and learning lab for JCU students and faculty and is easily accessible to neighbors and other visitors seven days a week from dawn to dusk. People can navigate the Arboretum and learn about its trees and features using the Plants Map system or printed maps.  Faculty, staff, student interns, and community volunteers will be available to lead guided tours by appointment.


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