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Behind the Vines Foundation


Behind the Vines Foundation


The Behind the Vines Foundation arboretum is a sanctuary for rare rainforest tree species, emphasizing conservation, education, and research. Notable among their collection are critically endangered species like the Ajo (Caryocar costaricense), with some of their specimens measuring 11-15 meters in diameter. One hollow Ajo tree even fits up to eight people inside. The biological reserve also houses the Manú (Minquartia guianensis), known for its extremely durable wood, and the Zapatero, renowned for its red interior color, hardness and resistance. The  130 acre arboretum offers visitors a unique opportunity to connect with these remarkable old growth trees in the last coastal primary rainforest on Earth. The foundation is constantly raising money to purchase and protect more rainforest land.


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San Pedrillo Station, Drake Bay, Costa Rica,
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