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Delaware State University Arboretum

Delaware State University Arboretum


The Delaware State University (DSU) Arboretum is on the 400-acre main campus in Dover, the state capital of Delaware, located on the coastal plain of the eastern USA (USDA zone 7). The Arboretum is comprised of the hundreds of planted campus trees, totaling 127 different species of trees and shrubs (103 tree species, 24 shrub species). Each species is labeled; and a map of these trees/shrubs, with lists of scientific and common names with map coordinates, is on the DSU Arboretum brochure. The trees are documented with species descriptions, GPS locations, pressed plant voucher specimens, photographs, and scanned herbarium specimen images.

The DSU Arboretum tree and shrub collection is diverse, and valuable for teaching, research, and aesthetic purposes. The 69 native species, which represent 54% of the total 127 species, also have ecological importance. The collection includes unique trees, such as a state record shingle oak, the largest in Delaware. Recent plantings were selected to further increase the diversity of trees on campus, and for their educational, ecological, and ornamental value. These include Delaware natives such as American chestnut and chinquapin. Some intriguing non-native species are monkey puzzle tree, franklinia, and umbrella-pine. The DSU Arboretum beautifies the campus in all seasons, especially with spring-flowering trees, and fall foliage



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