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The Donovan Park Arboretum

Donovan Park

The Donovan Park Arboretum


Amidst the gently rolling topography of bustling Peoria is Donovan Park, a nature lover’s dream.  Adjacent to the Rock Island Greenway, the park is filled with open green space and a collection of trees that tell of the property’s deep-rooted history as a savanna habitat turned farm turned golf course and back again.  Trails that meander through restored prairies, young and old trees, and open no-mow areas welcome walkers, runners, and cross-country skiers (as weather permits).  Donovan offers an observatory open to the public, fishing in three ponds, several picnic tables, and Cyd’s in the Park – a locally owned gourmet restaurant.  Donovan is an urban gem of the Peoria Park District.

Two old white oaks (Quercus alba) along the south property line have been cored and aged to approximately 230 years.  There is a plan to remove invasive species and other unwanted vegetation that poses a threat to the health and vitality of these trees in the next few years. Additionally, several large black oaks (Quercus velutina) scattered over the property that stand out and play key roles in restoration of certain areas within the park. The old growth oaks provide a perfect source for natural regeneration at Donovan Park and throughout Peoria.  The ecology of The Donovan Park Arboretum offers an increasingly rare opportunity to showcase upland savanna moraine top species, as these areas are typically prime for human development.


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