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The Homewood Cemetery Arboretum

The Homewood Cemetery

The Homewood Cemetery Arboretum


Incorporated in 1878, The Homewood Cemetery is a non-profit, non-denominational cemetery in the East End of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Founded as a Lawn Park style cemetery, the cemetery offers almost 200 acres of monuments within an important and carefully maintained historic landscape.  An active cemetery, Homewood continues to provide a final resting place for the dead and a vital urban greenspace for the living.  As an Arboretum, The Homewood Cemetery will serve as an educational center for the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding region, providing the public, students at all levels, and naturalists access to and information about its collections, educational programs and recreational opportunities.

Accredited Arboretum Level I imageThe Homewood Cemetery Arboretum
1599 South Dallas Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217, United States,
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