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Kenton County Cooperative Extension & Arboretum


Kenton County Cooperative Extension & Arboretum


The Kenton County Cooperative Extension has been there for many decades but the goal of becoming an arboretum began much more recently. In the past two years, they have planted hundreds of trees and shrubs to expand their collection of native plants to Kenton County. Their site is approximately 3.5 acres and has over 100 unique woody plant species, representing to the best of their knowledge, over 90% of the native woody plants that grow in Kenton County--which is part of the outer bluegrass ecoregion. Their oak tree collection features fourteen species which their most diverse Genus on site. Focusing on the native woody plants provides them with an opportunity to showcase the beauty and significant features of the plants growing wild in the area. The mission of the Kenton County Cooperative Extension Arboretum is to provide a place of recreation, education, and beauty.  They believe that their site will offer greater educational opportunities for plant identification courses in the future as the collection matures.


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10990 Marshall Road, Covington, Kentucky 41015, United States,
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