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Knollwood & Sharon Memorial Park Arboretum

Knollwood & Sharon Memorial Park Arboretum


Knollwood & Sharon Memorial Park Arboretum encompasses a contiguous 340-acre tract of land within two associated, yet distinct, cemeteries: Knollwood Memorial Park and Sharon Memorial Park. Nestled above the Neponset River Valley, a mix of native hardwood species interlaced with Eastern white pine command the upland forest, whilst oak, maple, and a multiplicity of ornamental trees grace the parks’ manicured lawns and rolling hills. A leading goal for the collection is to support indigenous ecosystems, and at the same time, incorporate plant material that is adaptable to the conditions of an increasingly changing environment. 

Serving principally as a place of honor and repose for the dearly departed, Knollwood & Sharon Memorial Park Arboretum stands as a commitment to the betterment of the land and offers a foundation for enduring stewardship and conservation efforts. As a resource for the community, the purpose of the Arboretum is to provide a directed plant and tree experience that promotes greater awareness and appreciation for how woody plants shape and enhance our lives. Whether visiting with loved ones interred in the memorial parks or exploring the flora and fauna resident to the arboretum, the beauty and splendor of its trees, shrubs, and other woody plants, remains accessible to all, as equals.


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