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MALVA Biofarm & Arboretum

Malva Permakultur trees

MALVA Biofarm & Arboretum


Turkey is a country located at a biological hotspot, connecting Europe to Asia. Malva is located geographically in southeast Europe, in Thrace region, at the intersection of Euro-Siberian and Mediterranean climatic zones.

Originally named Sultan Ciftligi and priorly Bosna Ciftligi, was established in 1983 with the intention to develop into an arboretum. The same year Hikmet Muezzinoglu started planting thousands of trees in an almost barren and infertile agricultural land. These trees are the oldest in our community. We have carried out two more  restoration projects. One in 2008, and the most recent one in 2017. The tremendous variety of trees provides a field observation site and one-to-one learning opportunity for students from different levels and backgrounds.

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