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Parque Verde Nativo


Parque Verde Nativo


The Native Green Park is located in Puerto Octay, among the beautiful landscapes of southern Chile. Its construction began in the year 2000 in order to create a place for the conservation and protection of native and endemic plant species of Chile. Today, the park has a complete collection of conifers and species of the genus Nothofagus native to Chile. It also has extensive collections of native species of the genera Escallonia, Berberis and Azara, including species from the Juan Fernandez Island. The park also has a very complete collection of native species of the Myrtaceae family, including species originating from the extreme north of the country to the southernmost. Also noteworthy is the exhibition of rare tree specimens such as Dasyphyllum excelsum (Tayú), one of the two endemic species of the genus and considered in the "vulnerable" category among plants threatened with extinction.


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