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Pax et Bonum

Pax et Bonum Arboretum

Pax et Bonum


The mission of the Pax et Bonum Arboretum is to be a space for local education on residential scale gardening techniques, the growing and maintenance of espalier fruit trees, demonstrate successful water conservation efforts, and collect and propagate unique specimens. The diverse plant collection at Pax et Bonum was mostly propagated by bare-root plant acquisition.

The arboretum hopes to inspire and encourage current and future gardeners to cultivate their own espalier trees. The five espalier fruit trees at Pax et Bonum include pear and apple varieties, which demonstrate the espalier essentials of tree selection and placement, pruning techniques, and organic pest control. The Arboretum showcases trees of Japanese origin, four different cultivars of Japanese Maple, the Japanese herbaceous perennial, Kirengeshoma palmata, and an astounding Japanese Wood Poppy, Glaucidium palmatum, which is the only species in its genus.

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