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Ravisloe Arboretum

Ravisloe Country Club

Ravisloe Arboretum


Ravisloe was established in 1901 by members of Chicago's Standard Club. Laid out by Theodore Moreau and James Foulis, they used 101 acres of the orginal 120 acres. In the early 1930's, Mr. George Eckhouse began a massive tree planting program that totally transformed the golf course. In 1995 the Club contracted Dr. Thomas Green to do a full and complete tree study. He catalogued over 2200 trees by species, condition, importance and developed a master plan for care and replacement. The Club was sold in 2008 to Dr. Claude Gendreau, a renown veterinary surgeon whose sole purpose was to save the natural beauty of the property for generations to come.

Dr. Gendreau has added over 400 trees and over 50 varieties, 15-20 new species to their collection of over 70 species that includes two silver maples with over a 2m girth and one cottonwood with a 2.5m girth.

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