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Sleaford Town Cemetery

Sleaford Cemetery

Sleaford Town Cemetery


The Town Cemetery is a 12-acre site within the conservation area of this historic Lincolnshire Market Town. The Cemetery is home to over 280 identified trees with a total of 47 varieties of broadleaved and coniferous specimens. The grounds are laid out with attractive seasonal bedding and spring bulb plantings in naturalised drift planting. The oldest parts of the Cemetery are tended with a light touch to encourage the growth of wildflowers and to attract birds, bees and insect life.

The Cemetery was established in 1856 due to the closure of the town’s churchyard. Several of the impressive Black Pines date from the opening of the Cemetery. Other trees of note include the Portuguese laurels along the entrance driveway, a Tulip tree and a fine beech tree in the old section of the Cemetery. To help visitors enjoy the Cemetery arboretum the Council has published a Tree Trail available from the Town Council’s website

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