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University of Massachusetts Lowell Arboretum

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University of Massachusetts Lowell Arboretum


The University of Massachusetts at Lowell (UML) Arboretum provides a safe, attractive, educational, and sustainable urban forest that faculty, staff, students, and visitors can use as a resource for teaching, learning, and enjoyment. The UML Arboretum includes all 145 acres of the campus hubs on both sides of the Merrimack River. Each campus hub holds its own uniqueness within the UML Arboretum and is an integral piece in connecting students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the natural environment amidst the constant activity of an urban campus life. East Campus includes a corridor of native maples that stand elegantly among the tallest building on campus. North Campus is the most urban of the three campuses but holds a robust honey locust collection that sits above the sports complex and creates a brilliant yellow glow in the fall months. South Campus is home to some of the oldest trees on campus with majestic black oaks, European beeches, and sugar maples establishing an inviting backdrop among a large open quad that remains the heart of the South campus. The UML Arboretum is today mostly comprised of native, low maintenance plantings and the focus of accession is on increasing native biodiversity. As the UML Arboretum continues to age and mature, new plantings will focus on increasing diversity, enhancing ecosystem services, and being able to withstand the tough urban environment and changing climate of New England.


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