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Restoration Efforts in Southeast Asia Survey

Have you been involved in collecting, buying or selling tree seed or seedlings for restoration efforts in southeast Asia? If yes, please answer to this short survey and you will help develop knowledge and tools to support restoration projects access fit-for-purpose planting material.

It would really help us out if you could respond to this survey. We also kindly ask you to distribute the survey through your contacts, so that we can reach as many organisations as possible.

The survey will be open for the next two weeks, please fill it in before 6th May 2020. You can find it under the following link in English: and please find a list of all language options below. Please choose the language you feel more comfortable with.


List of language options:

Filipino translation:

Vietnamese translation:

Khmer translation:

Lao translation:

Thai translation:

Indonesian translation:

Malaysian translation:




Friday, May 1, 2020