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ArbNet: 10 years of fostering collaborations, furthering professionalism, and advancing the planting and conservation of trees through the global network of arboreta


Jessica B. Turner-Skoff, Sue Paist, Amy Byrne, Murphy Westwood

Trees are the backbone of many terrestrial ecosystems and provide essential benefits for people and the planet. This unique life form requires specific horticultural, management, and conservation expertise to grow and thrive. ArbNet—the global, interactive community of arboreta—was established in 2011 to identify arboreta, define industry standards for arboreta, raise professionalism, support tree planting and proper care, facilitate collaborations, and advance tree research and conservation. Over the past 10 years, ArbNet has been instrumental in helping establish, grow, and network arboreta around the world and bring awareness to the importance of trees. This report presents ArbNet's flagship programs and resources and outlines opportunities for engagement at the individual or institutional level, to further strengthen the global network of arboreta and tree-focused professionals and to ensure healthy trees for the future of people and the planet.

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Monday, October 4, 2021