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ArbNet: the international network

In 2019, ArbNet was awarded a three-year grant from Fondation Franklinia to support building conservation capacity for our arboretum community in biodiversity hotspots. This included helping arboreta in biodiversity hotspots to become accredited, providing new relevant resources, sharing funding opportunities, facilitating international partnerships, and providing training opportunities. 

These maps showcase how ArbNet has grown as a global network of arboreta, especially in biodiverse regions of the world. ArbNet continues to focus on expanding the network and supporting arboreta around the world in their tree care, management and conservation efforts.


ARBNET ACCREDITED ARBORETA AROUND THE WORLD        World map displaying ArbNet accredited arboreta (434 as of December 2020), categorized by accreditation level. The world's 36 recognized biodiversity hotspots are shaded in red

       (CEPF,, 2016). 


ARBNET ACCREDITED ARBORETA IN OR NEAR A BIODIVERSITY HOTSPOT       World map displaying ArbNet accredited arboreta (262 as of December 2020) that are in or within 200 kilometers of a biodiversity hotspot

     (CEPF,, 2016).