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Ghent University Botanical Garden

The Arboretum is divided into three geographical parts (see maps), America (AAM), Asia (AAZ) and Europe (AEU), with trees, shrubs and ground cover composed of ca. 620 species from the respective regions. 

Important or noteworthy trees or shrubs, all of known wild origin :

Betula schmidtii

Carpinus fangiana

Celtis julianae

Cotoneaster magnificus

Crataegus turkestanica

Fraxinus pallisiae

Helwingia himalaica

Helwingia omeiensis

Hydrangea sargentiana

Hydrangea seemannii

Malus sylvestris

Meliosma yunnanensis

Perrottetia racemosa

Prunus salicifolia

Styrax officinalis

Ulmus crassifolia