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Tree ID apps

I am working on compiling a list of tree identification apps (for both iOS and Android) so that a group of staff here at the Morton Arboretum can test them out in the field and rate their usefulness and accuracy. I've got a good start but could always use more suggestions! I am specifically looking for apps that will work for trees here in the Midwest, but I have also been adding other regions/countries as I find them. I'll be happy to share the resulting list when it's complete -- any suggestions?

Virginia Tech has a fairly decent ID and Key app. It covers the US will use your location setting to determine where you are (or you can enter your location). It will not show you trees that are not going to be in your region.

There is also Leafsnap- you take a pic of the leaf and the App is supposed to ID the plant. I couldnt get it to work, but that may have been operator error.

Both apps are free.