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Venezuela's UN-protected botanical gardens are dying of thirst as water is cut off

It was the jewel in Latin American’s verdant crown, a scientific treasure house of rare plants and tranquil landscapes described by the United Nations in 2000 as a “masterpiece.” 

Now Caracas' Unesco-protected botanical garden is fighting for its survival, with plants dying of thirst as precious water is diverted to struggling hospitals and thieves plunder scarce machinery amid Venezuela's on going political crisis.  

“This isn’t just a special place for me – it’s a special place for the whole of humanity,” said Mario Salazar, director of outreach for the botanical garden. “It’s of immense value, worldwide. It’s an educational centre, it’s a place to see plant life from across the country and all around the world, and it’s the lungs of the city. It’s a true plant museum.”

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Monday, June 10, 2019