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Apply for Accreditation

Apply for accreditation

Arboreta become accredited by evaluating and submitting documentation on the level of achievement of specified standards.

There is no fee required!

Accreditation process and criteria

  • Evaluate which level suits your arboretum or organization.
  • Complete the application online. Make sure all labeling requirements are met prior to submitting the application.
  • The ArbNet staff reviews your application and makes a decision within four weeks.
  • The decision is based on self-assessment and documentation of your arboretum’s level of achievement against accreditation standards.
  • ArbNet staff may schedule future site visits.
  • Accreditation is valid for five years with a simple renewal every five years.

Please submit your completed application online and all necessary attachments. Applications submitted online have a limit of 35MG total of attachments. If your attachments exceed this you may submit them via email to or share separately. Attach at least two photos of your arboretum (high resolution JPEG format in landscape orientation), with your application for use on the ArbNet website.

The ArbNet/Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) Reciprocal Accreditation program has been paused in order to allow us time to develop a compatible system. Arboreta interested in becoming BGCI accredited during this pause are encouraged to learn about BGCI’s program and apply directly here.