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Bellevue House


Bellevue House


Highlights of the Bellevue House gardens include meticulously designed allées, follies, and ornamental pools, a lyrical oriental water garden bursting with water lilies, and whimsical monkey sculptures sitting atop deceased Fagus sylvatica trunks. A massive Horsechestnut predates the house built in 1910, and is suspected to be the oldest and largest on Aquidneck Island. An immense Fernleaf Beech creates a natural sheltered space where a moss garden thrives and branches of the “mother” beech have layered into the surrounding earth. Other specimen trees include a magnificent Scots Pine, Hemsley Snowball, massive English Yews, Turkey Oak, and European Ash.

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304 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island 02840, United States,
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