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The Blue Garden

Blue Garden

The Blue Garden


The Blue Garden truly is a hidden gem nestled on Beacon Hill.  It was designed as an inner formal garden surrounded by an arboretum of mixed conifers. Texture as well as color are key design elements incorporated into the garden. Varieties of eastern red cedar, eastern arborvitae, and Japanese cryptomeria make up the screen that encloses the blue formal inner garden. Contrary to the straight lines of the formal garden are meandering turfgrass paths interlaced within the mixed textured and colored screen of conifers that give small glimpses of the blue garden within. Around every bend are planting beds massed with woody as well as herbaceous species that are blue in either flower or fruit. A grove of white barked gray birch intermixed with evergreen leatherleaf viburnum make up the back edge of the arboretum and gives a distinct contrast to the green conifer enclosure.

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74 Beacon Hill Road, PO Box 863, Newport, Rhode Island 02840, United States,
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