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Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

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Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden


The Botanical Garden side of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden occupies the full 75-acre footprint of the Cincinnati Zoo. The CZBG takes pride in its collection of over 3000 accessions. Much of that collection, which consists of plants from shade trees to groundcovers, are species and selections being trialed for home garden and landscape use in Midwestern urban conditions. There are prominent seasonal displays, including a large and popular tulip display in the spring and, perhaps, the largest combined annuals trials/display planting in the country. The CZBG is also represented by the Center for the Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW), which is globally respected for its conservation work with endangered plant species, much of it through cryogenic preservation of seeds and other plant tissue. The CZBG is all well-known for its work with the community. The best example of that being its creation and support of a 2-acre mini-botanical garden on the campus of Rockdale Academy, a K-6 elementary school two blocks from the CZBG. Finally, the restored wetlands and other ecosystems at the CZBG’s Bowyer Farm in nearby Warren County are fine examples of local conservation. 


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