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Clover Patch

Clover Patch


Clover Patch is located just off the famous Bellevue Avenue in Newport Rhode Island.  Clover Patch is a mature arboretum and landscape that is in a continuing state of rejuvenation and change.  A pair of 125-year-old Japanese maples and two of the original European beeches, copper and fern-leaf varieties, still grace the back perimeter of the property. 

 The Clover Patch is a mix of large spaces with mature trees and smaller formal style gardens.  The garden is designed so glimpses of Clover Patch’s precious trees can be seen from the road.  The formal gardens include a cutting garden nestled beside two greenhouses with a perimeter of fruit trees.  The cutting garden leads to a square knee walled rose garden containing a central circle of tree peonies encircling a miniature Tina crabapple.  From the rose garden a newly created path meanders through the shaded canopy of the mature beech and Japanese maples.   Every spring a trifecta of three new yellow Lois magnolias peeking over clipped yew hedges and mature rhododendron in full bloom has stopped many a passerby along the street to take a photo.  In the wake of the large beech a corner garden of tree hydrangea, stewartia, and franklinia under the shade of a London plane.

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