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Cobblestone Society and Museum Arboretum

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Cobblestone Society and Museum Arboretum


The mission of the Cobblestone Museum Arboreta is to educate visitors and attract new guests which ultimately benefits all new visitors to the Cobblestone Museum, and the Arboretum.

They have a handful of notable trees on our property. One of their unique trees is the leaning white walnut tree located behind the National Historic Landmark Cobblestone Church. They also have a very large catalpa tree which is likely the tree with the thickest trunk on their campus. There are also two sets of “twins” in the arboretum. The first set are two sycamore trees, both planted next to each other. The other twins are horse chestnut trees, one is found next to the Church and the other is next to their Visitors Center. The smallest tree is the dwarf Alberta spruce. A resilient shrub native to most of the U.S., theirs is only 5 feet and 7 inches tall. By contrast the tallest tree, a Norway Pine is approximately 87 feet tall, taller than the bell tower of the Church, which you can see from most sites on the Arboreta.


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