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Doane University Osterhout Arboretum

Osterhout Arboretum

Doane University Osterhout Arboretum


The Doane University Osterhout Arboretum encompasses over 300 acres in the rural Nebraska town of Crete. Thomas Doane, a railroad engineer, selected Doane University’s setting in the 1870s as he saw the opportunities that this spot of exceptional beauty held. Since that time, Doane has been fortunate to have generations of dedicated people plant, nurture, and develop the campus into the attractive and peaceful setting that it is today. The arboretum includes three lakes, winding walkways, secluded nature trails, memorial hikes and abundant wildlife as features of the campus. In 1979, Doane became an affiliate member of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum which has opened the door to greater professional support to enhance the continued growth and development of the Osterhout Arboretum.

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