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The Elizabethan Gardens

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The Elizabethan Gardens


The Garden Club of North Carolina, a non-profit organization of 17,000 women, sponsored a 2 acre garden on a ten acre tract adjoining Fort Raleigh National Park. Construction began on the historic date of June 2, 1953, the date Queen Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of England. The gardens were formally opened August 18, 1960, on the 373rd anniversary of the birth of Virginia Dare, the first child born in America of English parentage. Since then the gardens have developed to cover the entire 10 acre tract of land.

The Elizabethan Gardens maintains over 100 species of woody shrubs and trees. With over 385 trees, over 125 varieties, and with some individuals over 75 years old, the Elizabethan Gardens Historical Camellia Collection is The Garden’s most noteworthy botanical asset. Many of the Camellias are propagated by tips cuttings, and air layering and are available for sale in the greenhouse area. Other significant collections of The Elizabethan Gardens are the Hydrangea, and Azalea which are planted throughout the property.

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