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Elmina Central Park Arboretum


Elmina Central Park Arboretum


Guided by Sime Darby Property’s new vision and purpose of being Value Multiplier for ‘People, Business, Economies and Planet’, the focus of all the master plans has always been sustainability to make lives more enriching and fulfilling for generations to come. Within Elmina Central Park Arboretum, many sustainability practices beyond the basic requirements were incorporated to conserve and enhance the development. The wellness-oriented City of Elmina as a township was master planned to facilitate urban biodiversity through the extension of the Bukit Cherakah Forest Reserve into the township via the creation of the 121.4-hectare Elmina Central Park Arboretum. To conserve this gigantic green lung, the organization had wanted to extend the rainforest by incorporating its unique ecologies into the landscape. This has resulted in the conception of the Elmina Central Park Arboretum, which is essentially an urban rainforest replanted with native forest trees, including endangered, rare, and threatened (ERT) species. In essence, the Elmina Central Park Arboretum will be able to ‘safeguard’ the native endangered tree species by replanting the urban rainforest, improving biodiversity and creating an environment that is conducive to the learning of how nature is existential to the communities’ daily lives and well-being.


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Seksyen U16, City of Elmina, 40160, Malaysia,
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