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Evanston Township High School Arboretum

Evanston Township High School

Evanston Township High School Arboretum


In calling its 65-acre collection of trees and woody shrubs an Arboretum, Evanston Township High School allies itself with other institutions that study trees and shrubs for education and display. A key element of this arboretum is the presence of signage for educational purposes, as many students intersect with the plants and their labels at any given moment during the school day. They have published a Guidebook that is available for those who wish to learn about the holdings in greater depth. At present, these holdings include about 70 species of trees and woody shrubs.  They continue to expand collections in the Pinaceae family in many forms to reflect some of the academic and commercial possibilities of this one, familiar genus. They also conserve a population of Ulmus americana planted in 1920 as a memorial to World War I.

Accredited Arboretum Level I imageEvanston Township High School groundsEvanston Township High School grounds
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