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Hayes Presidential Library & Museums

Hayes Presidential Library & Museum trees

Hayes Presidential Library & Museums


History, nature and curiosity meet at Spiegel Grove, the 25-acre estate of 19th U.S. President Rutherford B. and First Lady Lucy Hayes. The 25-acre property has more than 1,700 trees, a variety of plants, several species of spring wildflowers and wildlife, such as deer, squirrels and several bird species. Some of trees date back to President Hayes, who took great care in planting, managing and documenting the plant life at Spiegel Grove in a diary he called “Our Home.” Varieties of note include an oak that dates to 1776, holly, gingko, dawn redwood, tulip poplar and a seedling of the Oklahoma City Bombing Survivor Tree.

The site includes a mile of paved walking trails, original White House gates at the entrances, the president and first lady’s Victorian mansion and tomb, the presidential museum and America’s first presidential library.


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