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Historyland Memorial Park & Arboretum


Historyland Memorial Park & Arboretum


Preserving local ecotypes of keystone species like the White Oak in natural settings helps to continuously provide for the abundant wildlife that call the land its home. The woodland at the arboretum is a beautiful example of how a native ecosystem should function. There are many trees and shrubs that help facilitate a diverse range of wildlife. They have a collection of shrubs like wild blueberries, mountain laurels, and devil's walking stick. They are incredibly fortunate to have so many species and specimens of mature oaks, Southern Red, White, and Chestnut oak to name a few. The arboretum is also dedicated to educating the local community and beyond to the importance of native plants and the ecosystem services they provide. Also, as a memorial park they invite those who are grieving to experience the healing that can be found in green spaces. Many of their public events highlight how forest bathing or simply walking in a woodland can be soothing to those experiencing loss. But they are also proud to share some of the seeds of their local plants during events so the community can help build their own slice of a native ecosystem in their landscape.

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