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Ironwood is a unique estate that includes a rare climax forest ecosystem within an urban environment. The estate takes its name from a pure stand of American hornbeam or Ironwood, Carpinus caroliniana, that encompasses much of the property’s western edge. The property also includes a magnificent American beech, Fagus grandifolia, with an astounding circumference of over thirteen feet. An American beech colony has been created by the mother beech and the suckers from her roots, a rare situation given its urban setting. American beech are typically intolerant of urban conditions such as pollution, salt, and soil compaction, but this exceptional grove is thriving despite two busy adjacent roads. This collection of trees is in overall good health and condition. The goal of the Ironwood Arboretum is to continue to preserve and enhance this special collection in collaboration with the dedicated staff at Largess Forestry, Aquidneck Landworks and The Newport Arboretum.

Ironwood is home to the Newport Arboretum’s first satellite nursery. Twelve specimen saplings from The Newport Arboretum are flourishing under the Weintz’s care in the sanctuary of their front yard.

63 Weber St, Newport, Rhode Island United States,
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