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Lake View Cemetery

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Lake View Cemetery


Founded in 1869, Lake View Cemetery was designed in the style of an English rural garden cemetery and is now 285 peaceful, picturesque acres centered in an urban, densely populated area of Cleveland, Ohio. Recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, Lake View has a rich horticultural history beginning with the initial design by the preeminent landscape designer Adolph Strauch and molded by landscape architects, designers and horticulturists over the last 153 years. Filled with dramatic natural landscapes, magnificently designed monuments, and timeless legacies, Lake View allows visitors and families to reconnect with the beauty and healing power of nature.

Over 300 species of woody plants may be found at Lake View. The cemetery is home to 7 designated Moses Cleveland Trees, trees which purportedly were growing in 1796 when Moses Cleveland founded the city. Lake View also boasts beautiful displays of Japanese maple, magnolia, dogwood, and flowering crabapple along with 21 known species of oak, including many large, majestic specimens. Birds and other wildlife are abundant at Lake View. In recent years, the still active cemetery has emphasized the planting of native species and has diligently cultivated an ecologically sound and sustainable urban arboretum.


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