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Miramar Arboretum

Miramar Arboretum


The Miramar Arboretum encompasses the full 7.8 acres of the historic Miramar estate. The neoclassical french chateau designed by American architect Horace Trumbauer borders Bellevue Avenue on Aquidneck Island and overlooks the Rhode Island Sound.

Woody plants of distinction on this property include an immense Tilia tomentosa, Silver Linden, reaching 70 feet and an estimated diameter of 192 inches. A graceful weeping hornbeam in pristine condition, Carpinus betulus ‘Pendula,’ is an uncommon find in Rhode Island. Original plantings of Chamaecyparis pisfera filifera, Sawara Cypress, once intended as knee-high border shrubs, are now an impressive hedge. Miramar’s continuing transformation includes a diverse array of young trees planted in the last five years through The Newport Arboretum Specimen Tree Program, complementing the original 1915 plantings.

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