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Oklahoma Baptist University Arboretum

Oklahoma Baptist University Arboretum


The Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) Arboretum began collecting trees in 2002, planting 50 different species in an area between our first campus building that opened in 1915, Shawnee Hall, and our main administrative building, Thurmond Hall. The arboretum has dedicated irrigation to all trees and all are mulched and tagged. A goal is to have our students develop an appreciation for trees and shrubs, participate in planting and caring for them, and then taking that knowledge with them when they graduate. The arboretum has expanded to include the entire 200 acre campus with 134 different species of trees and a database of over 300 trees and shrubs. OBU has in its collection the following unique trees:

  • 15’ tall Weeping Bald Cypress
  • Giant Leafed Redbud,
  • Contorted Filbert, (grafted onto a 5’ standard)
  • William Penn Barberries
  • Netleaf Oak
  • Turbinella Oak
  • Crow Pillow Tree
  • Tree Lilac
  • Persian Parrot Tree
  • Tamarix
  • Seaside Alder
  • Chitalpa
  • Dawn Redwood that is over 30’ tall now
  • An American Elm that is a seedling of the Survivor Tree from the Oklahoma City bombing


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