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Philadelphia Navy Yard

Philadelphia Navy Yard


A centrally-located waterfront habitat, the Navy Yard is home to over 2,000 tree, hundreds of shrubs and perennials, an array of wildlife, and over 12,000 employees, with more and more visitors each year. Establishing the Navy Yard as an Arboretum acknowledges, protects and enhances 1,200 acres of a beautifully forested and historic campus within the heart of Philadelphia. The arboretum governance group will encourage the preservation and appreciation of this unique site by nurturing our current tree species and making strides towards a diverse future collection, by cultivating connections between visitors and horticulture through education and demonstration, and by becoming an interactive resource for visitors to appreciate ecology in the urban context of Philadelphia.

Some unique aspects of the collection on campus include several 100+ year old specimens of Platanus x acerifolia, Platanus occidentalis and Quercus rubra, as well as many mature Nyssa sylvatica, Liquidambar styraciflua, Quercus palustris, Quercus imbricaria and Acer saccharinum.  Among these massive specimens exist over 1,600 juvenile or mid maturity trees such as Acer saccharum 'Fall Fiesta', Quercus acutissima, and Cercis canadensis ‘Oklahoma’   This ratio of mature to juvenile species shows The Navy Yard’s commitment to the future canopy.

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