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Průhonice Botanic Garden

Pruhonice Botanic Garden

Průhonice Botanic Garden


Pruhonice Botanic Garden is part of Institute of Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences and it is included into visitor’s tour around famous Pruhonice Park. The Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Czech National Historic Landmark.

Entrance to the garden is from Pruhonice Park and part of the walking routes system. The garden is open to the public May - September during staff working hours and on weekends. The garden serves as an exhibition area; open air exhibitions regard to landscape preservation, gene-pool conservation or botanical research.


Accredited Arboretum Level III imagePruhonice Botanic Garden -RhododendronsPruhonice Botanic Garden
Zamek 1, Pruhonice, 252 43, Czech Republic,
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