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Prague Botanical Garden

Prague Botanical Garden - Ornamental garden

Prague Botanical Garden


Our Prague Botanical Garden was founded in 1969. The outdoor expositions have the area of 2700 acres. There are 6540 trees, including tropical ones. For the curator of woody plants of the temperate climate priority collections are, for example, a whole group of conifers. From deciduous trees then the genera Hydrangea, Syringa, Forsythia or Acer. The outdoor expositions are divided into several parts, such as the Ornamental Garden, Geographical areas, Mexican desert and a collection of selected tree species in complete compositions (e.g. Paeonia, Magnolia). From the Geographical areas, priority is given to the following: Mediterranean, North America, China, Indonesia, the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Philippines, Madagascar, Amazon, the Andes, the Guiana shield, Central America, South Africa, Macaronesia, flora from Prague, Bohemia and Moravia (with emphasis on endemic species).

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