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The Westmoor Arboretum

Westmoor Arboretum

The Westmoor Arboretum


The Westmoor Arboretum is located on the grounds of Westmoor Park in West Hartford, CT.  Established in 1974 through a gift to the Town of West Hartford by Charles and Leila Hunter, the 162-acre property is a public park.

By charter, it is also an environmental, agricultural, and horticultural center dedicated to generating awareness of the natural world.

The Level I Arboretum was certified in 2023 with 63 species of trees.    

In early 2024, Westmoor earned Level II certification and currently features 130 points of interest divided among 83 species of trees, 44 woody plants, and 3 special exhibits.   

Eleven of these 83 trees are recognized as CT NOTABLE TREES. CT Notable Trees showcases the largest and oldest specimens of all species of trees found in CT.   

Among the Notable trees are iconic American natives such as Black Cherry, White Ash, Red Maple, Black Birch, and Carolina Silverbell.  Additional Notables include the Siebold Viburnum, Japanese Maple, European “Copper” Beech, and Japanese Weeping Katsura.

The 44 woody plants include a collection of rhododendrons, native, and non-native shrubs arranged in our 5-Sense Garden, Perennial Garden, and Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden and are found in the central area of the Arboretum.   


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