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Community Forestry

Resources related to community and urban forestry and the role that arboreta and botanic gardens can play in community forestry. To contribute a resource to the Community Forestry database, please contact the ArbNet Coordinator at

City Arboretum Toolkit

This toolkit is meant to guide you through the ArbNet accreditation process, the steps to create a new arboretum, or building your arboretum’s capacity to upgrade to a higher level of accreditation.

BGCI Technical Review: The role of botanic gardens in urban greening and conserving urban biodiversity 

Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) Report by Nicole Cavender, Paul Smith and Kate Marfleet on the contributions and potential role that botanic gardens and arboreta can play in community forestry.

Connecting Communities to Trees in Response to COVID-19

Poster displaying how healthy tree canopies can support healthy communities and how botanic gardens and arboreta can contribute.

Intersecting urban forestry and botanical gardens to address big challenges for healthier trees, people, and cities

Journal article published in Plants, People, Planet (PPP) by Nicole Cavender and Gerry Donnelly on the role that botanical gardens and arboreta can play in addressing urban forestry problems and urban tree health. 

The benefit of trees for livable and sustainable communities 

Journal article published in PPP by Jessica Turner-Skoff and Nicole Cavender. A critical review of the benefits trees provide to communities and cities.

What's in an Arboretum?

International Society of Arboriculture article, published in the June 2019 Arborist News (pp. 55-60), written by ArbNet staff on the benefit of arboreta to communities. 

Finding Urban Trees For A Changing World: Exploring Public Garden Contributions to Urban Forestry

American Public Gardens Association (APGA) 2019 Conference Poster from Jehana Samaha and Cecil Konijendijk Van den Bosch (The Univeristy of British Columbia) that considers the role arborists play in community forestry. 

Community Forestry Coffee and Conversation Report 

Results of polls taken at the APGA 2019 conference at an ArbNet hosted event where we asked questions about the attendees' involvement in community forestry. 

Community Forestry Coffee and Conversation APGA Event Ad

Ad used to promote ArbNet's APGA event through social media. 

Tower Hill Botanic Garden's Worcester Tree Initiative Outreach Program

Powerpoint presentation from Tower Hill Botanic Garden that describes their successful outreach and partnership program to bring horticulture to Worcester, Massachusetts. 

Morris Arboretum's Urban Forestry Consultants 

Morris Arboretum's webpage. To bring in revenue, Morris Arboretum offers arboricultural services to the Philadelphia tri-state area. 


University of Massachusetts Amherst Urban Forestry and Lanscape Resources

Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) 

CRTI website. CRTI is a partnership for coordinated action on key issues facing trees in the Chicagoland region with actionable goals for canopy cover, species and age diversity and management expertise.

Tree Preservation Ordinance Templates

Tree Advocacy Hub


What's My Tree Worth? Tree Appraisal Case Studies

Case examples of tree appraisal - Purdue University

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