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Arboretum Management

Resources related to establishing and running an arboretum.


             Mission statement overview

             Questions to ask in developing the key purpose and focus of the garden

Establishing & managing an arboretum

             Organizing a new garden

             BGCI's Manual on Planning, Developing and Managing Botanic Gardens

                  Chapter 1 - Planning and Implementing Botanic Garden Design Projects

                  Chapter 2 - Governance Models, Human and Financial Resources Development

                  Chapter 3 - No plant collection without a strategy or policy

                  Chapter 4 -The Plant Collection in the International Policy Context

                  Chapter 5 - Collection Record Management Systems

                  Chapter 6 - Horticulture Mananagement

             Feasibility study for the creation of a new garden

             Public gardens management (reference book)

             Capacity for Conservation organizational self-assessment

             Sustainable campus landscape guide

Strategic plan

             Sample arboretum plan

     Exellent resources from our ArbNet accredited arboreta

             Strategic Plan (Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Arboretum)

             Strategic Plan (United States Capitol Grounds)

             Bylaws (Springfield Botanical Gardens)


             Exhibition marketing plan summary


             Case study - Staffing and personnel management


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