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Grant & Funding Opportunities

Citizen-Science Grants

Earthwatch- Support for Field-Based Research Projects 2021: Grant funding to support scientific field projects in the themes of: ecological restoration, global conservation priorities, and forestry 


Collections Grants

National Trust for Historic Preservation: provides funding for preservation projects. 

The Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust: The Trust supports education and research in ornamental horticulture. Grants are typically made to botanical gardens, arboreta, and universities


Conservation Grants

BGCI Global Botanic Garden Fund: A new fund aimed at driving plant conservation in botanic gardens

Ernest Kleinworth Charitable Trust: grants to support charities working in the area of environmental conservation in the UK

European Outdoor Conservation Association--Funding for Conservation Projects: supports field-based projects that protect a threatened species or habitat 

Foundation Segré--Wildlife Conservation: supports projects that focus on the conservation of a threatened species or habitat, and the restoration of ecosystems 

CZS CBOT Endangered Species Fund: accepting proposals taht focuses on the conservation and research of specific threatened, vulnerable, or endangered habitat that is of high biological value 

Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas: promotes environmental causes throughout the Americas by supporting projects in biodiversity conservation, environmental education, etc.

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund--Grants in support of Endangered and Critically Endangered Species 2020

National Geographic Society--Species Recovery: supports projects that support conservation actions for halting biodiversity decline 

Patagonia International Grants: supports organizations involved in environmental protection 

Peoples Trust for Endangered Species-Conservation Insight Grants: grants for researchers/conservationists worldwide that help preserve endangered species, either through research or applied field work 

Rainforest Action Network:makes small grants to protect forests, promote local self-sufficiency, and strengthen the rights and livelihoods of forest communities 

Rainforest Trust--Rapid Protected-Area Feasibility Awards: creating protected areas 

Rufford Foundation- Grants for Nature Conservation: The Rufford Foundation funds nature conservation projects across the developing world  

The Prince Bernhard Nature Fund: supports small, local initiatives worldwide towards the conservation of endangered species (flora & fauna)

Waterloo Foundation--Environment Fund: supports projects to manage and conserve tropical rainforests 

Weeden Foundation- Conservation in Chile and Russia: Funds biodiversity conservation in forest ecosystems that are of ecological importance. Weeden's international priorities are the Patagonia region of Chile and the Altai Republic of Russia.

World Land Trust- Land Purchase for Conservation: Provides funding for the acquisition of land that has conservation importance and funds additional activities related to protection, habitat restoration, biodiversity monitoring, etc. 

World Wildlife Fund in India: grants for conservation research


Grants by Region:






Latin America



Partnership Grants:

BGCI/ArbNet Partnership Programme: funding opportunity to support the development of international collaborations between gardens/arboreta to advance tree conservation efforts

International Conservation Fund of Canada--Partnerships in Tropical Conservation: works to conserve nature in tropics, invites proposals for conservation projects 

TMU--U.S. Environmental Collaboration with Partners: grants for NGOs in the US for environmental collaboration with partner countries 

World Land Trust- Land Purchase for Conservation: Provides funding for the acquisition of land that has conservation importance and funds additional activities related to protection, habitat restoration, biodiversity monitoring, etc. 


Tree Planting/Care Grants:

Arbor Day Foundation Reforestation: forest restoration projects

Green Earth Appeal: provides funding for tree planting projects across the developing world

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation: Grant program where the harvest serves the community. Recipients are schools, parks, community gardens, and similar nonprofits


Miscellaneous Grants:

British Ecological Society Research Grants: Support scientific ecological research where there are limited sources of funding 

Google Ad Grants for Nonprofit Organizations: Imagine what you could do with $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising every month from AdWords, an online advertising solution from Google

Magnolia Society International: Research funding program to promote research to expand the knowledge base of the members of the genus Magnolia

Tree Fund Grants: supporting scientific discovery and dissemination of new knowledge in the fields of arboriculture (the science of cultivating and managing trees in a landscape) and urban forestry